Born in 1981

Shi Hengbo

Born: 1981

BFA in Oil Painting, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts

Solo exhibition

2008  Test-fire “TAOTAOTAO”, Xi’an Center of More Art, Xi’an Group Exhibitions
2010  Gathering: Contemporary Art in Xi’an Exhibition, Xi’an
2009  Sino-Korea Art Exchange Exhibition, Shanghai
2009  Rave Forum, Beijing
2009  Crossover of Textile City, Xi’an
2009  Qisei & Teisei exhibition, Xi’an
2008  The 23rd Asia International Arts Exhibition, Guangzhou
2008  Transplacement : Xi’an Center of More Art Collection, Shanghai
2008  Xi’an 10 Years of Contemporary Art In Xi’an
2008  Shan Shui – Three Artists Exhibition, Xi’an
2007  “Back to the Soviet Union” Contemporary Art Exhibition, 798 Art District, Beijing
2007  Docu+Menta, Xi’an
2007  Transfiguration Exhibition, Xi’an
2006  No Style Painting Exhibition, Shanghai
2003  Group Exhibition of Art Studio “Figurative Expression”, Xi’an
2003  10 Young Artists Oil Painting Group Exhibition, Xi’an
2003  The 3rd Oil Painting Exhibition of Shaanxi, Xi’an
2002  Xi’an First Sketch Art Exhibition of Shaanxi province

Curate Exhibition
2009  Soft Decoration Art Exhibition