Born in 1985

Liu Bing

Born : May 28th,1985

Education:   MFA in Oil Painting, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts


2009   Liu Bing Artworks Circuit Exhibition, Xi’an
2009   "Having Time"  Exhibition, 798 New Millennium Gallery, Beijing
2009   "OUTLOOK & INLOOK" Young Women Artists Recommendation Exhibition, XCOMA, Xi’an
2009   Beauty in Animamix, Linda Gallery, Singapore                                                 
2008   100 Tales in Animamix, Linda gallery ,798 Art District, Beijing                                                                    
2008   City Action Joint Exhibition, 798 New Millennium Gallery, Beijing
2008   My love/Your Life, Stage One Gallery, Beijing
2008   928 Click Show
2008   Surfing Animamix, Linda Gallery, Shanghai
2008   The 3rd Shanghai Duolun Youth Art Exhibition, Tuolun Art Museum,  Shanghai                                      
2008   Fresh Eyes 08 - 5th Annual Exhibition of Dissertation Works In Painting from National Art Academies Across China, He Xiangning Art Museum,  Shenzhen
2008   “99 Tents & Dreams”, Left Right Art Zone, Beijing                                                                     
2008   Animamix New Generation, Capital Art Center, Taipei
2008   First International Youth Art Exhibition, HongWan Art Museum, Beijing                                       
2008   Fine Art Exhibition of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Zhouzhuang                                 
2008   Liu Bing’s Artwork Solo Exhibition, 798 Red Star Gallery, Beijing
2008   Future Group—XAFA, 798 New Millennium Gallery, Beijing                                                                        
2008   08~80 Pioneer – Young Artists Nomination Exhibition, Shanghai                                                       
2008   "Fairy Tale-Today" , Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Xi’an
2007   Animamix Hyper-Link , Moon River Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing
2007   Animamix Biennial, From Modernity to Eternality, MoCA, Shanghai                                           
2007   The 2nd China Fine Arts College Students and Teachers Exhibition, Shenzhen                         
2007   Venice Cyber Biennale Award, Venice, Italy
2007   Chinese Spirit Studio Exhibition , Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Xi’an