Oct. 11 - Nov. 16, 2008

The exhibition frames practices and polemics of Xi’an local art with contemporary inquiry into a peculiar traditional context of Xi’an, the Ancient Capital of China, therefore, it brings a critical significance to China’s art scene.

In this decade, the oriental cultural value of contemporary art in China continuously depart from the local art environment, and Chinese contemporary art has become more and more Westernized. However, Xi’an contemporary artists are always trying to be balanced between both, maintaining local and global resources with the dual dialog, and debating over the two platforms.

Focusing on 1999-2008 and comparing with former contemporary art in Xi’an, it maintains an exuberant vitality and contributes to a lively cultural construction. The exhibition consists of eight units, including Theme Exhibition, Construction Unit, Textile City, International Residency, Watershed, Literature Space, Market Towns and Villages, and Moving Companies.