Mar. 12, 2010 - Jan. 28, 2011

Spamart is proud to announce its small inaugural exhibition, Smallness of Chineseness, featuring artworks by Chen Aili and Su Zhongqiu.

China has inversingly been perceived as bigness, big in population, big in cities, big in economy, big in pollution, even big in art! How about lives? Many young artists, really young artists, including Chen Aili and Su Zhongqiu have explored the lives of others and of their own through smallness, small in subject small in scale and small in social ladder.

In Chen Aili’s works of “Made in China”, green tea bottles, biscuit cans, and perfumes are indeed daily traces of life under the large-scaled societal transformation. The sense of an unnoted passage of time has intensified the notion of smallness by her masterful facility, with the fine and subtle lines and brilliant yet blurry light shimmering through the Chinese traditional rice paper bringing the subjects to life, past to present.

Artist and Educator Su Zhongqiu brings artwork from an autistic child. Children suffering from autism tend to create little pieces in a world that is bigger than that which they perceive, by which they can transfer attention from people to objects as a means of self-satisfaction and self-protection. Within the artwork one feels the freedom of the child, which offers an unprecedented look at their small but safe world.

In Chinese, smallness is signified by two characters, Xiao and Wei, Xiao also signals knowing and Wei recalls strength. Please enjoy the show!