Jan. 22 - Jan. 22, 2019
Opening Reception: Tues., Jan.22 from 10 am-11:30 pm

主讲人介绍:Aaron Betsky是塔利埃辛建筑学院的校长(注:塔利埃辛建筑学院由著名建筑大师弗兰克·洛伊德·怀特创办)。作为一名艺术、建筑以及设计评论家,Betsky先生著作颇丰,包括一本即将发布的现代主义建筑与设计调研集。他在architectmagazine.com(建筑杂志网) 有自己的双周版块Beyond Buildings。

他取得了耶鲁大学建筑学和人类学的学位。曾担任辛辛那提艺术博物馆的馆长(2006-2014)和荷兰建筑协会的会长,以及旧金山现代艺术博物馆的策展人(1995-2001)。2008年,他是第十一届威尼斯国际建筑双年展的主席。他最新的作品,Making It Modern(追求现代主义)和Architecture Matters(建筑是重要的)已于去年出版。
About the Speaker: Aaron Betsky is President of the School of Architecture at Taliesin. A critic of art, architecture, and design, Mr. Betsky is the author of over a dozen books on various subjects. He also has a forthcoming book of modernism in architecture and design. He writes a twice-weekly blog for  architectmagazine.com  , Beyond Buildings.

Trained as an architect and in the humanities at Yale University, Mr. Betsky was previously Director of the Cincinnati Art Museum (2006-2014) and the Netherlands Architecture Institute (2001-2006), as well as Curator of Architecture and Design at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (1995-2001). In 2008, he also directed the 11th Venice International Biennale of Architecture. His latest books, Making It Modern and Architecture Matters, were published last year.